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eBay Bulk Listing for Free with File Exchange

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eBay’s website has become a cesspool of CPU and Memory intensive Web 2.0 sludge, which makes using it to do anything which benefits from parallelization a nightmare.  Bulk listings?  Pay a third party webapp for the privilege.  Or not.  eBay has an obscure backend involving uploading CSV files to create or edit listings, and even leave feedback in bulk.  You just have to figure it out.

So, here we go:

Selling Workflow

  1. Take photos
  2. In Lightroom, rotate, crop and export <1MB preset
    1. delete originals from disk
  3. FS Viewer fullscreen: F2 Rename
  4. Excel Update Quantities, Pricing
    1. Download current listings
      2. Active—FileExchange—Revise Price and Quantity—All
      3. Link sent to email
    2. Adjust names, prices
    3. Adjust Quantities
    4. FORMAT Item ID + Transaction ID to number (use format settings menu, change decimal places to 0)
    5. Save, confirm CSV
    6. Upload
    7. Verify (DL report)
  5. Excel New Listings:
    1. Template from “Listed.xls” containing previous listings
    2. Category
    3. Title
    4. Brand
    5. Verify
      1. Condition 1000-New
      2. Format
    6. PicURL-Boxart
      1. hardlink
      2. FTP
        1. Use predictable link formatting
      3. dropbox public or imgur (unreliable)
    7. Description (same for all SW)
    8. Price
    9. Quantity
    10. SAVE AS CSV, comma delim
    11. Upload
    12. Verify (DL report)
    13. Copy to Listed for templates

I can post a template for this if anyone is interested.


Feedback Workflow (mark as shipped, positive FB)

  1. Download “sold and not shipped”
  2. Copy Item ID + Transaction ID columns to sold template.
    1. format Item ID + Transaction ID to number (use format settings menu, change decimal places to 0)
  3. Upload
  4. Verify (DL report)


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