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Hello internets!  I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages, but as with all “big projects,” intentions go only so far.  Now that I am busier than ever with medical school, it’s only natural that I should find myself in need of things to feed the Procrastination Monster.

In a moment of desperation,  I turned expectantly to this long neglected website, and it rewarded me for my attention by consuming an impressive amount of time which could have probably been spent on the ever diminishing returns of studying.  As it turns out, setting up an Ubuntu server from scratch and installing WordPress, then finding and tweaking a theme to your perfectionistic liking can take some time, especially if you only dabble in things like PHP, SSH and linux terminals.

But the challenge was accepted, and here it is!  In the coming months, I will have a place to dump my thoughts, whatever they may be (hence the title).  I plan to balance my posts between my current “occupation” as a U.S. medical student, explore some of the experiences I’ve had since becoming a Private Pilot back in 2011, and detail some of the projects I’ve completed in the realms of Android, Home Automation, Car-PCs and Dash-Cams, Home Theater and technology in general.

That’s all for now, feel free to say hello in the comments.  I’m new to this launching-a-website business, and am curious how long it will take to start getting some page views.

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